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Gamified Doughnut Economics Workshops.

Our Workshops

You are

A public organization striving to advance the SDGs and the climate agenda. You are struggling to communicate the value of doughnut economics and are looking for ways to increase civic engagement with your green agenda. 

A conscious businesses holding yourself up to new 21st century social and environmental standards. You are looking for ways to align your internal incentives with these new 21st century values, and motivate employees to embody regenerative and fair practices. 

A Grassroots organization taking action in your communities. You are searching for ways to communicate your vision to the wider community and rally support to take action. 

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2050 SHAPE IT! is a guided tool for government agencies and business leaders to fully immerse themselves in the ecological transition of a given territory using a strategy game.


Embodying the role of multiple stakeholders in a context-specific setting, players will have to take the best possible decisions in order to thrive, while being mindful of the environmental boundaries and social foundation.

As you will muddle your way through the decades leading up to 2050, you will explore the role of cooperation in developing strategies that will allow you to achieve your individual aspirations within your collective goals.