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Cartoon Camp

Who we are

Our Founders


Sofia Kavlin

Project lead

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Originally from Bolivia, Sofia is a development economist and anthropologist focusing on the ability of narrative to influence social behavior. Her goal is to harness the power of play to unlock people's ability to collectively imagine and bring about better futures.


Childhood dream: To be an inventor. Attempts include a cat-mobile and a forest-in-a-box.


Mansi Jasuja

Partnerships,  Gamified storytelling Workshops 

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Originally in India and based in Netherlands since 2000, Mansi is a cross-pollinating generalist who has interdisciplinary work experience in several sectors: architecture; urban environmental management and women empowerment. She is the co-founder of Conscious Business Netherlands. 

Childhood dream: A world without garbage piles on the street and where women have the same opportunities and rights as men.


Abigail Fellay

Serious game workshops  and research

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Based in Switzerland, Abigail is passionate about working at the interface between humans and nature and enabling communication among stakeholders. She specializes in serious game design to tackle complex challenges. 

Childhood dream: To make the world a better place.

Our co-creators

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Miguel Quiñones

Systems Thinking in Game Design

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Miguel grew up a tinkerer in Venezuela. His voracious appetite for learning has fed multiple careers in renewable energy, engineering, construction, policy, culinary arts, and martial arts. 

Life motto: "There's always room for improvement, we must embrace the evolutionary continuum"

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Rosa Tibosch

Project manager and Games for education lead

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Born in the Netherlands, Rosa studied Philosophy of Politics and Economics. She founded the Green UvA platform and leads the education team for the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition.  She is fascinated by the power of networks to accelerate sustainability and 21st-century economics.

Childhood dream: To write a philosophical fantasy book.

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Yori Kamphuis

Strategy Advisor and Futures thinker

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Yori grew up in Netherlands, and has obtained degrees in industrial engineering, geopolitics and security. He co-founded several IT companies, all focus on cyber security. He loves public speaking, mostly about cyber security and AI.

Childhood dream: To build a functional computer. He did. 

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Courtney Manbeck

Conceptual art, Digital illustration

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Based in USA, Courtney is a computer science major with a passion for digital illustration and game design.

Childhood dream: To work with animals, ideally as a zookeeper.

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Alex Merron

Ecological Design and Game art

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Alex is an experimental audio-visual artist from Bristol, specializing in feedback loops, complex adaptive systems and chaos.

Childhood dream: To live in a tree house, preferably one with an observatory. 

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Michael Hallam

Circular economy

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When he is not living the dream on the dancefloor, Michael has a habit of creating new organizations, structures and processes that he hopes will serve the needs of the 21st Century.  He is the founder of The Ethical Small Traders Association, and the Food Loop Game. 

Childhood dream: To build a time machine or become a polymath (he became a polymath)

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Roy Hobson
Game language and narrative

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Roy is motivated by seeking understanding. He loves to gather diverse signals about how the world works, in order to discern connections and patterns that aren’t immediately evident. Born and raised in South Africa, he is currently living in Germany.

Childhood dream: To distill knowledge into a perfect moment of wisdom - maybe write a story, capture a photo, or sing a song - or all three together.

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Vidya Kumar

Business Development

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Having completed an undergrad in mechanical engineering and equipped with an MBA in general management, Vidya followed the road of entrepreneurship founding Tugkraft in 2014.

Childhood dream: To see all animals live in a cruelty-free world. 

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Stephan Hoornaert


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Stefan specializes in morpho-biomimicry and molecular biology.  He currently resides in Belgium and is involved in several circular economy projects at the city level. 

Childhood dream: To be an astronaut. He's currently applying to become one of the first ESA parastronauts!

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Wouter Van Gerwen 

Process Engineering

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Wouter is a process engineer based in Netherlands, focusing on team alignment and the process of investment development from idea to successful start-up. He is well versed in the field of cradle-to-cradle manufacture.  

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